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The market was frozen for more than four hours when the ASX addressed the unknown issue affecting its trading platform. Lean Hogs The current Lean Hogs contract (from delivery in February 1997) replaced the current Live Hogs contract (which ended with delivery in December 1996). The old Live Hogs awards have been kept in the database, their levels adjusted according to the formula provided by the CME group. Subsequently, it was said that the failure was due to a software issue limited to the trading of several securities in a single order, called “combined trading,” which produced inaccurate market data. This is the third time the ASX has stopped trading in the past five years. The last outage was on June 5, 2018, when the futures platform broke down at 4:55 p.m. But the entire market was last shut down in September 2016, when a material error halted the market opening at 10 a.m. A software issue limited to trading several securities in a single order generated inaccurate market data, forcing the stock exchange to halt trading. The adjustments provide an approximate historical price level for the U.S. bond complex. Without adjustments, it is not possible to compare the current level of prices with the historical level of prices in the markets concerned. “We have a clear winner for a U.S.

president and I think there`s very little room to take that up and the very pleasant surprise of a potentially effective vaccine that will probably be distributed in early 2021,” he said. “We had a really good budget, and the RBA lowered interest rates and announced a quantitative easing program. We also had a number of solid quarterly updates. So if there is a risk here, it is that all the good news is already on the market. React to market movements in real time and sharpen your business strategies by accessing timely and reliable market data, available directly from the source. Contact our information services specialists to discuss your specific data needs “We strive to be an international financial centre, which damages our global reputation,” said John Athanasiou, Chief Executive Officer at Red Leaf Securities in Sydney. “Bull or bear market, there is never a good time for the stock market to go down.” The ASX state page showed that its trading platform on asx Trade cash markets has been shut down.