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Subject to point 21.3 above, there is no contractual relationship or obligation to provide the requirements of the contracting authority until the contracting authority and the successful bidder formally exchange contractors for a formal contractual instrument in accordance with the terms of the contract. After receiving the contractor`s two copies of the formal agreement duly executed by the contractor, the Glenelg Shire Council executes both copies of the formal agreement as soon as possible and, as soon as possible, both copies are duly stamped, unless an exemption from this requirement applies by the Law of Parliament or the law or regulation of a territory. , depending on the case, and forwards one of these copies to the contractor. If the contractor does not execute the formal agreement on time and in the form provided in this sub-clause ( (b) of this sub-clause, the Glenelg Shire Council is entitled to treat this failure as a delay within the meaning of item 44. The terms and phrases defined in the terms and conditions of the contract (Annex A) have the same meaning in this formal act. ..