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3. After the meeting (or if the meeting is not by mutual agreement), the public service company will present a study agreement specifying the scope of the work and a good faith estimate for the completion of the study. See the System Impact Assessment Agreement (MN DIP Attachment 6) and Facilities Study Agreement (MN DIP Attachment 7). The applicable forms and agreements are in the rules of the state. Below are links to streets and forms as well as the login manual for SD-PUC and Xcel Energy. Although such studies can be carried out for planning purposes as part of the SPP (GIP) generator process, the client is not subject to OATT with non-judicial interconnection. In these cases, the new forms should be used in place of previous application forms, Forms 6027 and 6028. The new forms consist of a single basic application form and a series of technology-specific schedules. These forms are intended to streamline the information requested by DG Interconnection candidates and to no longer contain information deemed unnecessary and contained in previous forms. The following points describe the specific details to be included in the documents presented in the interconnection application: the rules relating to the interconnection of the State of New Mexico adopted by the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission are set out in Rules 568, 569, 570 and 572.

Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative collaborated in 2018 and 2019 with stakeholders on the application process for the distribution link in Wisconsin under Wis. Administrator. Code ch. PSC 119 to update and streamline. New, reorganized link application forms will be available from January 1, 2020. The Colorado Utilities Commission set standards for interconnection and net measurement of distributed production in document 4 Code of Colorado Regulations (CCR 723-3). The following diagrams provide a high-level guide to the interconnection processes required by CCR Rule 3667 723-3. Once your utility has checked your app and the part of the network you want to connect to, you will receive a connection agreement containing the terms and conditions and a quote for all connection facilities, measurement or distribution upgrades needed to complete your project.

For example, if you install a solar panel to measure the grid, you need meters that measure the energy you consume and the energy you deliver to the grid.