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A county spokeswoman said the teams had monitored the financial landscape and would continue to monitor it to take advantage of the clarity of the budget adopted to reach compensation discussions. The teams will work this summer to conclude agreements. In the future, there are many unknowns that may lead to a revision of this budget adopted in the fall, including the actual cost of restarting the school, official registration, corrections made by the state, the impact of Gallagher Amendment and the continued closures of COVID-19. In addition, reductions will be needed if the government does not receive other aid such as the CARES Act in subsequent years if the health crisis persists. Jefferson County Public School revenues will be reduced by $30.6 million by the Colorado School Finance Act (after a $3.4 million transition to charter, preschool and innovation schools). Our members are teachers and service providers with the mission of creating large public schools for every child in the county. For us, it`s about providing Cherry Creek educators and public schools with the tools and support they need to help every student succeed, from lobbying in Annapolis to school funding and secure retirement, competitive wage negotiations, fair, transparent assessments and better working conditions at the local negotiating table. , legal assistance and expertise, whenever necessary, or by guaranteeing access to professional development and training. “While the Denver public schools intended to comply with the economic provisions of the agreement, we must take this step to address this unprecedented budget deficit,” Cordova wrote.

“We are trying to find a solution with DCTA that corrects unprecedented revenue losses in a way that is consistent with our principles and values. To this end, we ask you that you are available to negotiate the 2020-21 financial agreements. The Douglas County School District is forecasting a budget deficit of $30 million for the 2020-21 school year. “Honestly, I don`t think I can be a teacher,” she said. “It was, excuse me, but it was hell to try to straighten these children, get them moving, and turn them on.” If you are a member of the Cherry Creek Education Association, you have representation at the local, national and national level. Their interests as educators are heard by the right people in the right places. One of them told Denver7 in front of the camera that the only reason their children managed to get through the last semester of online learning is to have hard-working teachers. Choi sent a statement to Denver7 to say, “DCTA recognizes that in the wake of a pandemic and an economic crisis, everyone has to make sacrifices, and we are ready to go to the negotiating table to have this discussion about what is best for our students. It is unfortunate that, so far, DPS has only proposed to use $10 million of Cares Act money, not reserves, to cover next year`s budget deficit. They are now being asked to give up due to serious budgetary problems related to the COVID 19 pandemic.

“I`m concerned about what we`re going to do and how we can deal with it without harming students,” said Carlye Holladay, vice-president-elect of the Cherry Creek Education Association. The reality is, I do not know, that it is possible without more revenue. DENVER — It`s only been 16 months since Denver public school teachers went on strike and got a much-disputed increase. At the last meeting of the Board of Directors, department heads provided examples of budget cuts and the impact these cuts would have on departments and the borough. She said the county might be able to go to voters to ask for help, but she said a mill tax only came to us “halfway.” “The budget process is very fluid, and this is especially true this year,” said Paula Hans, DCSD spokeswoman.