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Ad operating contract type C-35 EXHIBIT E DESCRIPTION OF FACILITY The installation is built essentially in accordance with the technical criteria of this E exhibition. The following specific provisions apply: 1. In accordance with the provisions of the host`s request for proposals, the installation of the facility must comply with the guidelines of the City of Santa Barbara Solar Design, requires a clean and orderly installation of all devices and does not contain contact airlines. 2. Each point connecting the solar installation to the site`s distribution system is equipped with a city-approved revenue quality meter, such as Z. Tson Sentinel or equivalent. Counters are a type of base that comes in the form of 9S. The host recognizes that state-imposed measurement requirements must also dictate the selected measurement equipment. All costs related to the supply link are borne by the project promoter.

3. The supplier is responsible for all costs related to the design, structural analysis, construction, maintenance and repair of the facility. (4) The supplier consults weekly with the host during the design and development of final construction plans to confirm that the work is being carried out in accordance with this agreement. 5. The facility must not interfere with the airport`s operational security, including FAA equipment, air operations, airport operations and car parks. If the facility occurs in any way in the FAA`s equipment or in the operation of an aircraft, the project proponent will immediately and completely eliminate the source of disruption at its own cost. The project proponent will gradually complete the construction of the project to minimize disruption to parking opportunities at the airport if necessary. 6. The PV collection system and support structure must be aesthetically attractive and have an acceptable style and design for the airport department, the review architecture board, the planning board, the construction department and other control and licensing bodies, while minimizing environmental impacts. 7. The project proponent must install photovoltaic modules with a manufacturer guarantee of at least 20 years and inverters with a minimum manufacturer guarantee of 10 years.

All solar installations, inverters and meters used in the project must be eligible for funding by the California Solar Initiative. All equipment and project skills are installed in accordance with the manufacturer`s recommendations and applicable codes. C-26 Development of a business case for renewable energy at airports 25. DISPUTE RESOLUTION (a) The parties negotiate in good faith and attempt to resolve disputes, controversies or claims arising from or related to this agreement (a “dispute”) within 30 days of the date on which one party communicates such a dispute in writing to the other party. b) If, as a result of such a negotiation, the dispute is not resolved, in accordance with Section 25 (a), each of the contracting parties may require non-binding mediation. During this mediation, representatives of the parties empowered to resolve the dispute meet for at least three (3) hours with a mediator whom they jointly elect. If the parties are unable to agree on a mediator, one of the parties has the power to ask the American Arbitration Association to appoint an Ombudsman. The mediator`s fees and fees are paid in half by each contracting party. (c) Where a dispute is not resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties in accordance with paragraphs 25 A or 25 (b), both parties reserve the right, but not the obligation, to provide a legal or fair remedy before a competent court.