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When marketing and offering products for sale in the area, the broker: a real estate agent or seller may not act for a seller unless both parties have authorised to do so by serving by both parties a written sales agency contract (contract) in accordance with section 20 of the Land and Business Act 1994. This distribution agency contract is concluded between the following undertakings, jointly referred to as `parties`, and shall be deemed valid from [date of contract]: the sales agency may under no circumstances provide misleading or false information about the products or undertaking contained in the sales agency contract. This means that while you have a signed agreement with an agent, you cannot sign with another agent, nor can another agent contact you to sell your property. Under current law, an agreement on the sale of residential real estate in Southern Australia cannot exceed 90 days. If your contract expires and the property has not been sold, you have the right to extend with the same agent or alternatively use the services of another agent. The sales agency is responsible for all costs and expenses incurred in carrying out operations under this distribution agency agreement. PandaTip: The terms of this presentation grant all revenue from sales to your business, except for commissions to the sales agency. This section of the presentation defines the nature of these commissions as well as their method of calculation and payment. On the date of termination, this Agreement shall remain in effect for an additional period of three years, unless one of the parties receives a request for termination. The sales agency has the right to use the products in accordance with this agreement and waives all rights received in the event of termination.

PandaTip: This section of the distribution agency agreement presentation describes the processes and procedures applicable to sales and post-sales activities, including offers, support and collection of unpaid contributions by end users. The seller must issue the seller with a copy of the contract immediately after it is signed. Make sure you keep it, as it is an important written record of the contract you have approved. 1. .