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7) You agree that Smaller Earth may take all necessary measures with respect to your health and safety without any liability or cost. This may include, but is not limited to: your hospitalization, use of medical services and transportation to your home country at its own expense. 4) For your summer camp placement and the resulting administrative fee, a tax from Smaller Earth Ltd. is charged to your camp. The fee depends on the state of knowledge and age of the participant and amounts to approximately $1300. Fees are paid by the summer camp; Not from you! Also ask for a fake interview or observe how people talk about their experiences/questions on Youtube so that you are prepared when interviewing for placement. Go to the Facebook page and go to the cats about cocoa; other people in this will help you a lot! 9) Participants are required to comply with all requirements of the U.S. Department of State. This includes, but is not limited to, completing a monthly online check-in with your visa sponsor. 4) Smaller Earth has the right to terminate this contract if you fail to comply with any of your obligations and termination results in the loss of all fees paid by you and also makes you liable for any damages resulting from such breach. 3) If you postpone your application after acceptance, but before placement to 2021, the program fee paid minus €100 will be deferred to 2021. An application can only be postponed once, after which all program fees are non-refundable.

Form DS 2019 – Document that allows participants to work legally in the United States Work and Travel USA can only work between the data indicated in box 3 of the DS 2019. This document is provided at the same time as a J-1 visa. Working outside of the data printed in form DS 2019 is illegal. 1) If your application is withdrawn after acceptance, but before confirmation of the placement, the first instalment is non-refundable. If your application is withdrawn after confirmation of placement, the full program fee is non-refundable. 3) You are required to draw Smaller Earth`s attention to any existing diseases you may be suffering from.