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5.1 Lenovo Hardware Products are warranted in accordance with the Lenovo Limited Warranty, which is attached to any Lenovo Hardware Product, or as follows:, which is contained therein by reference. Lenovo Limited Warranty applies only to Lenovo hardware products purchased for their own use and is not transferred upon resale. 2.2 If Lenovo makes a pricing information error and/or typo, Lenovo may nevertheless refuse or cancel an order placed for a product or service indicated or described in error at that price, even if Lenovo has confirmed receipt of the customer`s order or has charged the customer`s credit or debit card. If Lenovo has charged the customer`s credit or debit card, Lenovo will give the customer`s credit or debit card account a credit equal to the charge. 1.2 Service is the accomplishment of a mission; advice or assistance; or access to a resource, for example.B. access to an information database that Lenovo makes available to the customer. 7.1 Customer Information. Lenovo and its affiliates may store, use, and process contact and other customer information, including the name, telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses necessary to implement this Agreement, including, but not not limited to, warranties. This information is processed and used in connection with this Agreement and the products or services.

They can be transferred from Lenovo to any country where Lenovo does business. and may be made available to companies acting on Lenovo`s behalf with respect to this Agreement and the products or services. Lenovo may also disclose such information if required to do so by law. This form is also known as: Sales contract for computer or laptop, electronic sales contract This document resembles a sales contract. It contains basic information such as buyer, seller, payment amount, payment method, and currency. However, the computer purchase agreement form is used to describe specific information and technical characteristics relevant to the sale of computers or laptops. It also allows the seller to offer a warranty if he wishes. When selling or buying real estate, use a real estate purchase contract. This document contains important information specific to real estate transactions. 2.1 Except for credit or debit card transactions or if they are not paid before shipment, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. . .