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In general, most assignment agreements have at least three provisions in common. PandaTip: Current legislation has a significant impact on any agreement. In the case of a transfer of intellectual property, some legal systems provide for restrictions on how intellectual property can be transferred in an employer/employee relationship and to what extent. As always, it is recommended that both parties consult their lawyer on this and other aspects of this agreement. 4. Other insurance. Buyer agrees to perform all documents and documents and to take all other steps reasonably requested by the Company in order to prove, perfect, defend and fully enforce the Company`s proprietary rights in the Subcontracted Object, such as.B. including the disclosure to the Company of all relevant information and data relating thereto, the execution of all requests, specifications, oaths, assignments and other instruments that the Enterprise deems necessary to request and obtain such rights and to assign and transfer the exclusive and exclusive rights to the Enterprise, its successors, the beneficiaries of the assignment and the nominees; Title and interest in such inventions, as well as any copyrights, patents, hidden labor rights or other related intellectual property rights….