I completed another building contest for the Dreams group that The Sojourner put on in the Luo sim. This one had a Thanksgiving theme. She broadened it by making it more about what you have to give thanks about and not so much the usual, traditional iconography. I wasn’t originally going to do this latest contest, not because i have nothing to be thankful of mind you, but more due to worrying about a lack of time. A quirky, funny idea came to me that made me giggle enough that I decided I had to build it.

The idea I came up with was a take on the battle of Troy/Trojan horse story. Instead of a giant wooden horse, I would have a giant, wooden prim turkey. It having been deliciously wheeled up on a large cart up to the front gate of the stronghold door. Lying in wait inside the turkey and hiding behind surrounding bushes are the little turkey soldiers who are just waiting for their tempted prey to emerge and attack. Can’t you just picture the ‘gobble gobble’ war cry!

vive la turkey revolution!

I spent the last couple of days passing out no-trans copies of my little prim turkey soldiers to people on my friends list. I left them copyable because the more rez’d the funnier I think the effect is. They are more akin to flamingo lawn ornaments with their stick legs…but how can you not love them.

Feel free to drop me an IM if you are feeling the need to have your own personal turkey. With their little outstretched wings they make great drink holders too. 😉

Happy gobble gobble all!