I hadn’t posted about it, but during the summer, our creative collective ‘Vesuvius Group’ in conjunction with another group I involved with RFyre got together and formed a American Cancer Society Relay for Life team. Our team members consisted of Armath Severine, Amulius Lioncourt, Frans Charming, Raven Pennyfeather, Samuel Frost and myself.

The highlights to our fundraising aside from taking donations at the cathedral and other kiosk locations we set up, was an art auction. Some of the artists that donated & exhibited at the auction were: DeltaDharma Dawn, Tremali Lightworker, Horus Baker, Melandra Brown, Strawberry Holiday, Grain Drinkwater, Has Lassard, Eos Zander, Julia Hathor, Ivorness Steenbrook, Dalien Hansen, Mizzy Maltz, Lu Naumova, Ms Kitt, Schlitzie Martini, Ehdward Spengler, Fireshadow Mistral, Dylan Eastgaard. I know I am forgetting a few.. so much generosity for a good cause. We raised just about 97,000 Lindens that night. An amazing thing. 🙂

setting up for the auction
The actual days of the running of the relay we set up a camp like.. well you guessed it a volcano. In less than an hour I had terraformed us one and we set to making it our tropical hang out for the weekend of running and last pushes to raise money. We also auctioned off on site our collector’s edition piano from Sue Stonebender and Armath Severine sold his little pink wagons and gloworms as well.

In the end Vesuvius Fyre raised 132607 Linden Dollars…woot!