So…way back in August, Frans, Amulius and myself each won plots in the Burning Life land lotter and got them all contigously together. At first we wanted to group land and share prims and build something huge and amazing.

While out in San Francisco for the SLCC, the 3 of us (I know.. we do seemed glued, don’t we) we came across this huge, bone carving of an Asian styled moon sculpture that had all sorts of amazing bits of landscape and fauna emerging from it. We thought this would be great food for SL Burning Life inspiration.

So.. during the time of Burning Life, Amulius built us a many, many prim moon and then scaled it up to finally become 150 meters across. It went awry when it got dragged across our adjoining plot boundaries, but somehow that gave it character and we kept it that way. We built some structures off of it and also the entire inside was hollow. One night I drove a Dominus Shadow around on the inside of it and managed to get it up into the peak and upside down in mid-air, quite the accomplishment. 😛

The other bit of building I stumbled upon was creating my starfish head. At first it was humbly being made to be a simple star that would orbit our giant moon. I worked on it huge scale. Some part of me decided it needed some character. I gave it a giant central eye and well.. then I made a copy and scaled it down to be avatar size. Voila! and thus was born the starfish head. Later that night we had about a dozen avatars, including a band of furries, who all donned the starfish head and hung out. It was quite the site.

A few days later, Osprey Thereian, Enjah Mysterio, Amulius Lioncourt and myself even went touring the Burning Life sims, wearing our starfish heads for a joyriding night on the town.