Alt-zoom had it’s 2nd annual Ed Wood machinima festival on October 31, 2006. Our creative collective got the news about a week prior and we decided to make a go for it and create an entry. The rules were simple, the title of the movie you had to make would be announced Friday the 28th by midnight and you had til Sunday at midnight to complete it.

In anticipation, Friday at work I started to scheme up story ideas and hoped that I could somehow make them align with whatever the title would be. I was really hoping for an alien flick focus. I had come up with the beginnings of a plot that focused around the starfish heads I had created back at Burning Life.

Well…midnight comes and the title is announced: “A Zombie Stole My Heart.” That’s it.. the starfish had to be aliens that turned their host victims into zombies. All works! In the next 48 hours, we wrote dialogue and scenes, constructed sets, filmed footage, edited, had various people do voice recordings and send them in. Amulius Lioncourt was the key camera man and Frans Charming ended up editing everything together in the end. I was amazed and happy that I got Aimee Weber to play the lead heroine.

In the end.. it ended up being something we were all proud of even if it is on the silly side. I’m ready for my close up Mr. Linden. Enjoy!