It has been a heck of a day, week, few weeks. I went straight from practically living online creating the starting point area for the Second Life Relay fundraising efforts, to diving in head first to SLCC related organization related stuff. I am design mother of the brochure that will be handed out at the conference so my inbox has seen a huge surge with all the bios, photos and ads coming my way.

I am also helping to organize the non-profit thread of panels that will be going on at the SLCC. Global Kids (who I do contract work for) with funding from the MacArthur Foundation are spearheading this philanthropy focused thread. Makes me happy to see considering there was originally only the singular non-profit panel that I was to arrange.

This week I was unexpectedly asked to be on one of the panels. I am always first honored to be asked and then immediately the ‘oh no’ nervous thoughts come to me. I put them aside enough to say ‘yes’ and committed to being on it. It really should be a great panel that will be moderated by Jeska Linden and features Robin Linden, Ham Rambler and Forseti Svarog… oh, and now me. 😛 The panel is to focus on governance and trust within Second Life and it’s communities. A thought provoking topic, amazing co-speakers…couldn’t be more thrilled.

Our dev company has been busy this week too. We had a few meetings, followed up on some inquiries, wrote up a proposal and should be starting up some new projects. Managed to also have a good organizational pow wow sorting out short and long term goals for our business and corresponding professional growth. Good to get some of that down on paper…or at least within a shared Google doc. 😉

In a bit of down time today I sauntered from Bryan Campen’s blog over to Jeremy Hunsinger’s…and I was tempted to take a quiz. See the results for yourself below. I think I can blame my results on all answer that I would take Hitchhiker’s Guide with me.

My Liberal Identity:

You are a Reality-Based Intellectualist, also known as the liberal elite. You are a proud member of what’s known as the reality-based community, where science, reason, and non-Jesus-based thought reign supreme.

Take the quiz at

While wandering around the site I also watched the following youtube video of the speaker Tom Peters and his brief snippet of a very good rant on the failings of a creativity punishing school system.

It so made me remember an experience teaching at the Museum of Science one summer where I had a gaggle of 7-8 year olds. I was doing a hybrid class of art meets science. One day while we were all in the giant taxidermied animal section where the group was doing observational drawings, I started an exercise in ‘blind contour drawing’. Which is basically the idea of not looking away from what you are trying to draw and laying pencil to paper and drawing without looking at the lines you are making. An exercise in observation skill and hand/eye coordination. I had an 8 year old melt down in front of me absolutely frustrated that this was just plain nonsense because it would turn out looking ugly. A deep need for perfection so strong that even the thought of trying something outside of that was earth shattering. And all that at the age of 8.

Take a look at the video. Have to track down more of it to see how much it continues with this theme and doesn’t become merely another motivational talk.

til later