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For over four years Joyce has consulted on and managed Global Kids Web 2.0 presence, supported the back-ends of a wide-variety of digitally-enhanced educational programs (e.g. Second Life programs, simulcasts, social networks, etc.).

She is a wonderful person, a hard worker, and tremendously well networked within this digerati scene. She cares about her work and really throws herself into it. We worked with her mostly remotely, as she lived in another state; while this ran against the grain of our organization culture, she helped us to make it work fairly smoothly.

While sophisticated technically, she also brought strong design skills to her work – designing pamphlets, curriculum and promotional material.

Barry Joseph

Associate Director For Digital Learning, American Museum of Natural History

Joyce Bettencourt is a skilled social media, virtual world and web specialist, with experience with a variety of projects, from event organizing to media arts to youth development. Beyond her skills and experience, she is a dedicated and committed worker who does what it takes to get the job done.

I have enjoyed working with her and managing her at Global Kids and think she would be a strong addition to a variety of different institutions, from a tech startup to a university to an afterschool media arts program.

Rik Panganiban

Senior Manager of Digital Learning, California Academy of Sciences

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joyce for the past three years. Joyce has a great technical and digital media background. She is thorough in all of her work and always makes sure to outline a comprehensive map of her work to allow others to collaborate efficiently. She easily wears multiple hats and steps in to play fulfill multiple needs on concurrent projects. She is a great communicator and has been a valuable asset to Global Kids Online Leadership Team.

Amira Fouad

Communications & Change Management, Google

Joyce is one of those people in a group that is the most organized, always pleasant, always reliable (let me stress this, Joyce does what she says she will do..consistently!), a solid leader. Joyce’s leadership style is to lead from a collaborative standpoint with organization, ideas, supportive input but mostly she leads by example. A great person to have as part of any team, leading or as a solid team member on an advanced team.

Peter Suma

Entrepreneur, CEO & Venture Capitalist, Applied Brain Research Inc.

Joyce has a positive attitude towards projects which she spreads among the group. Her attention to details and her ability to anticipate both positive and negative issues within the project are outstanding. Her technical abilities in emerging technologies and social media are her strengths. She is outgoing and very personable. I’d work on a project with her any time!

Kathey Fatica

Creative Director, Needham Fatica Advertising Agency

Joyce is the first person I would turn to for design, streaming media and mixed reality production assistance. Her Vesuvius team is knowledgeable, committed and kind, dedicated to every task that comes their way. I highly recommend inviting Joyce in to design and organize your next great geekery; she even taught me how to use my N95. Vesuvius is a collaborative team that rises to every challenge.

Evonne Heyning

Social Impact, Living Media, Engagement Strategy, GrowGames: Seeds the Game