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Yes, for some rental points, you can pick up the vehicle and all optional extras in one rental location and return it to another. However, this should only be done within Malaysia and fees may be charged. Please let us know for 48 hours that you would like us to provide you with the vehicle. We can deliver it in the short term, but you must check with the rental station or the booking team. Yes, Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) is a surplus reduction product that reduces your excess from RM500 to RM1000 depending on the vehicle group. If it is included in the price, it is listed in your rental agreement and in your booking confirmation email. SCDW does not cover missing or damaged objects, accessories, parts, keys or vehicle documents. If you do not increase your rent and return the vehicle late, we will charge you extra daily rent until the vehicle is returned. This document contains the information that you – and the additional drivers, if you have it – you need to know your rent. You should read this document at the same time as the rental conditions. A selection of rental conditions can be

If you have received a booking confirmation email, it may contain a link to this example. Please note that the model rental conditions contain a reference to the terms of the contract and may not contain the specific conditions to be signed when taking over the vehicle. Once you have ensured that the overall content of the model for the car rental contract is correct, you must enter the details of the vehicle in the corresponding fields. The names and addresses of the car owner and the car rental company must be entered. The names of the parties, the date of the signing of the agreement, the names of the vehicles must be indicated on the indicated spaces. The expiry date of the contract must also be recorded in the agreement. If you wish to extend your rent beyond the original termination date, it is important that the tenancy be immediately informed and that the necessary advance is paid in order to extend the insurance coverage. Otherwise, the tenant can drive the vehicle without insurance. Each additional hour would be billed as 1 full day of rent if the car is returned on the extra 3 hours. j) RENT IT HERE, LEAVE IT THERE A repositioning tax is levied for disposable rents. Details of royalties and procedures are provided at the time of the investigation. How do I know if there are age limits for my rent? 3.