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Exhibits D and G document the EEOC`s “Notice of Suit Rights” in Spain with respect to the first two allegations of discrimination/retaliation. Figure E documents the Spanish version of VCU mediation in a new administrative assistant position, as this would result in a reduction in her salary. Chart F shows that Spain has been offered a position as part of the “preferred recruitment procedure” at the VCU. Figure G contains the receipt of the Spanish communication on the Rights of Appeal of the Ministry of Justice concerning the first two allegations of EEOC filed by Spain. Appendix H contains Spain`s “bank deposit statements” from its termination date to the start of severance pay to support its claim for “general damages”. Figure I describes the “legal taxes” that Spain spends in support of this action. (a) all university commitments and obligations under leases, contracts and leases for goods, services and supplies used by MCV hospitals, including the rental of real estate; one. Any loan issued under this chapter may be issued or guaranteed on the basis of (i) a declaration of trust, a fiduciary statement or mortgage of a project or other assets of the Authority, whether fully or partially financed by the proceeds of these bonds; (ii) a fiduciary corporation or any other agreement with an agent that turns out to be a fiduciary corporation or bank with the powers of a trust corporation within or outside the Commonwealth or another representative of bondholders; or (iii) a combination of issuance or security in accordance with clause (i) or (ii). Any trust agreement or other agreement or resolution providing for the issuance of bonds may mortgage or transfer fees, rents and other costs to be received and include appropriate, proportionate and legitimate provisions for the protection and enforcement of the rights and remedies of bondholders, including agreements (a) providing for the collection and application of revenues, as well as the withdrawal and sale of projects or other assets by the Authority or trust foundations; (b) define the Authority`s tasks with respect to the acquisition, construction, maintenance, operation and insurance of a project or other authority assets, as well as the amount of costs, rents and other costs to be collected; (c) provide for the collection of royalties, rents and other taxes, as well as the retention, protection and application of all Authority funds; (d) provide for the creation of declining resources and the formation and maintenance of reserves; and (e) setting conditions or restrictions on the imputation of debts or the granting of mortgages or other pledges. This trust, trust or any other agreement or liquidation may define the rights and remedies of bondholders, trustees or other representatives for bondholders and limit the individual right of action of bondholders.

B. Any transfer of hospitals covered by sub-section A is linked to the existence of a binding agreement between the university and the authority: the Authority buys group life insurance, accidental death, dismemberment and disability covering all or part of its staff.